Safety And Health Policy At Work

For all our projects within our offices and work rooms as well as outside them in the areas of work of our clients for the Prevention of Occupational Hazards generated by our activity, and with the purpose of protecting the Safety and Health in the Work of Our members, customers, visitors, contractors and subcontractors are committed to:

  • Comply with the regulations and applicable legal requirements regarding Safety and Health at Work.
  • Assign the human, economic and technological resources that are required for the proper functioning of the Occupational Risk Prevention Management System.
  • Commit to establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve our Occupational Risk Prevention Management System, considering the principles of elimination, mitigation and control of workplace risks.
  • Sensitize all the members in the importance of prevention through Induction, Training, Training and Training, including consultation and participation in Occupational Safety and Health issues.
  • Comply with the International Standards of Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, such as: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.
  • Train and supervise personnel constantly to comply with National and International Occupational Safety and Health Regulations, mainly based on the ILO International Labor Organization and the WHO World Health Organization.
  • Implement and update this document periodically, as well as keep it available to all interested parts.


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