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SOUTHCORP S.A. is a South American company specialized in acoustics, vibration, construction and applied technologies. We offer projects and services focused on the environment, occupational health, safety and communication. We have more than 11 years working in the region for governments, local and international companies fulfilling the highest standards of services in several areas such as gas and oil, food industries, metallurgy, mining, consulting and laboratories, civil, military and institutional construction sector.

We have offices in Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Lima (Peru), we offer our services to the entire Central and South America region. We are representatives of important European and North American brands. We participate in talks, training and conferences to keep us continuously updated.


SOUTHCORP S.A. is an Ecuadorian-Peruvian company founded in 2006 in Guayaquil by Roberto Romano Plaván (father) and developed together with Ignacio and Sebastián Romano Bouvier (children), all from Uruguay. The company started offering specialized mechanical and construction services for the oil and industrial sector. With time, our continuous development in the area of acoustics and vibration, as well as in occupational health and the environment, allowed us to grow in a constantly renewing market.

Currently we are 25 people working directly and indirectly in our different areas, with an associated work room in Via Daule Guayaquil of 5,000m2 for local manufacturing, headquarters in Urdesa / Guayaquil / Ecuador, Quito / Ecuador, Lima / Peru. We also have several business partners globally.



is to be pioneers and active participants in the care of our environment, our security, the technical and economic development of an integrated and sustainable South America.


is to acquire, develop and share the most advanced technologies and know-how in the world and implement them in our region, creating sustainable, safe and productive infrastructures.


Headquarters Ecuador - Guayaquil
Circunvalación Sur (AV. Jorge Pérez Concha) 628,
Between Ficus and Monjas, Urdesa Central, Guayaquil
Telephones: +593 - 995 786 780 / (4) 2386 493

Head Office Peru - Lima
Schell Street 319 Of. 503 Miraflores, Lima
Telephones: + 51-993 047 657 / (01) 231 7897

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