• Global Services

    With a network of offices, work rooms and strategic partners, we operate throughout the continent. Our system transcends borders. International service.

    Integral solutions adapted to the needs and requirements of our clients. We guarantee the final work and the conformity of our clients.

  • Professional Excellence

    Our team is made up of experienced professionals who receive constant training to keep the company updated with the latest technologies and systems of work.

    We are representatives of the most important international firms and together with them we provide the best technical support with first level engineers from all over the world.

  • Environmental Commitment

    We work every day for a sustainable continent. We offer the latest technology and international support to help governments, municipalities, and the private sector to comply with the new environmental regulations.

  • SISO Commitment

    We comply with national and international regulations on industrial safety and occupational health in the most diverse sectors of work.

  • Social Commitment

    We are active participants in the development of our society, the majority of our team is local. Southcorp participates in university events, offers talks and free trainings to raise awareness.

  • Confidentiality and Ethics

    We distinguish our integrity and professional ethics, we are your best ally, your engineering is our secret. We sign confidentiality agreements as well as our staff and suppliers.


Environmental Acoustic Measurement.s
Noise maps of any type of venue or population.
Monitoring of noise and vibration.
Training, updates and implementation of ACOEM and Datakustik Systems.
Occupational Health

Acoustic measurements of industrial safety and occupational health.
3D acoustic modeling for enclosures.
Distribution of technology for the control, simulation and monitoring of noise and vibrations.
Training, updates and implementation of ACOEM and Datakustik Systems.

Consulting And Design
Noise control consultants at the industrial, commercial and residential level: Evaluation and diagnosis.
Design of building acoustic solutions for the compliance of norms.
Integration of other siciplines with
specialized engineers.
Supervision during the construction
of acoustic projects.
EPC Construction
Construction of shelves and large industrial warehouses.
Construction of thermoacoustic barriers.
Construction cabins for turbines, motogenerators, pumps and equipment in general.
Construction of cabins and acoustic barriers for the protection of people.
ACH Saint Gobain certified thermoacoustic panels.
Materials And Elements Vibroacústicos Certificados
Regupol Acoustics.
Doors, gates and silencers for air, louvers, visors, cabins and mobile screens.
Design and installation of audio, voice or
paging systems
Design and installation of communication systems
Design and installation of early warning systems
Design and installation of security and
defense systems


Sebastián Romano Bouvier

Sebastián Romano Bouvier

Gerente Ecuador
Ignacio Romano Bouvier

Ignacio Romano Bouvier

Gerente Perú
Mónica Palacios de Mero

Mónica Palacios de Mero

Administración / Importaciones
Ing Máster Acústica Israel Donoso

Ing Máster Acústica Israel Donoso

Jefe técnico Medio Ambiente
Ing Acústico Maria Luisa Ariza

Ing Acústico Maria Luisa Ariza

Medioambiente Medio Ambiente
Ing. Acústico Mayra Lema

Ing. Acústico Mayra Lema

Proyectos Medio Ambiente
Ing. Electrónico Michael Spatz

Ing. Electrónico Michael Spatz

Seguridad y comunicación Seguridad
Ing. Civil Máster Sandra Aguilar

Ing. Civil Máster Sandra Aguilar

Jefe de obra
Luis Eggeling García

Luis Eggeling García

Allan Jeffs Ulloa

Allan Jeffs Ulloa



Equipment And Software
Construction Materials
Equipment And Integration


Headquarters Ecuador - Guayaquil
Circunvalación Sur (AV. Jorge Pérez Concha) 628,
Between Ficus and Monjas, Urdesa Central, Guayaquil
Telephones: +593 - 995 786 780 / (4) 2386 493

Head Office Peru - Lima
Schell Street 319 Of. 503 Miraflores, Lima
Telephones: + 51-993 047 657 / (01) 231 7897

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